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Improving the ICC Test Team Ratings (Dec 2010) - improving the ICC ratings system by factoring in away form and overall dominance (follow-up to Archival Test Ratings article)

Sachin and the Don (Aug 2010) - is Sachin Tendulkar better than Don Bradman? (follow-up to Anatomy of a Winner)

Bowler Win-Loss Records (Tests) (Apr 2010) - looking at success and failure of Test match bowlers

Bowler Win-Loss Records (ODIs) (Mar 2010) - looking at success and failure of ODI bowlers

Ups and Downs - India's Test Ranking Through The Ages (Dec 2009) - has India ever been the number one Test cricket nation before?

The Greatest Comeback in History (Nov 2009) - remembering the unbelievable county match between Warwickshire and Hampshire

The Most Competitive Era in Test Cricket History? (Oct 2009) -  as India assume the mantle of number one, we look into whether or not this is the most competitive era ever

My Cricketing Hero: Colin Milburn -  a look back at the life of the man they called "Ollie" 

The Curious Case of the Don and the Sticky Wicket (Sep 2009) - investigating Bradman;s supposed weakness on stickies

Eighty And Out (Sep 2009) - comparing Bradman's 80 innings to other leading batsmen

Anatomy of a Winner - Part 1 (Mar 2009) - a historical look at winning innings

In Praise Of Statistics (Feb 2009) - a tribute to Bearders and his ilk